(work in progress...)

1. Make my own pasta noodles (for soups).
2. Make my own ravioli.
3. Make spaghetti/marinara sauce from scratch.
4. Make donuts from scratch.
5. Acquire a liking for a new vegetable.
6. Make homemade cheddar potato soup.
7. Make great Fried Chicken
8. Make homemade cinnamon rolls w/homemade cream cheese frosting
9. Cook a whole weeks worth of dinner's in advance, so I don't have to cook for 1 week!
10. Make popcorn balls (colored!) and give them to the neighborhood kids this summer
11. Grow something edible that I can actually eat!
12. Make Poutine that even a Canadian would eat!! (A staple side dish in Canada- equivalent to our french fries)
13. Cook something Indian.
14. Hide spinach or zucchini or mushrooms in a dish successfully (meaning the kids ate it! LOL)
15. Homemade Salsa.
16. Visit a Farmer's Market
17. Make Corn Cake
18. Give up snacking for 1 week.
19. Take my lunch to work everyday for 1 week.
20. Drink water only for 1 week.
21. Decorate a cake.
22. Make cookies and deliver gift bags of them to all the homes on our street.
23. Get a recipe from my oldest living relative to keep in the "family."
24. Take the kids on a picnic.
25.Make homemade taquitos.